Throwback: Katong's Machang and Pancake

Katong is a place best known for its rice dumplings or machang. I came to know of machang way back in college when my mother brought it from Naga City.

Since I was already in Singapore, I should not miss tasting the fabled Katong's machang.

The place which sells the delicious machang is a Chinese antique shop on the same side of the road as the Holy Family Church.  

As you enter the shop, you will be greeted by this beautiful Buddhist altar. 

Buddhist altar at the Chinese antique shop which sells "machang."

Katong's fabled "machang."

The saleslady there also told me to try the pancakes with delicious caramel dip. So I bought one and she was right that the pancakes were indeed delicious.  

Delicious pancakes with caramel dip.