Paul: A Classy French Restaurant

While strolling at JEM, my attention was captured by this restaurant named Paul. It looks very elegant and to my mind, it's nice to try.

The restaurant has an elegant French ambiance.

When I entered the restaurant and given the menu, my curiosity was piqued by the baked bone marrow which they serve. So, I ordered it.

The baked bone marrow tasted nice and it served as a pâté for the bread. You can taste the gentle herbs sprinkled into it, and the saltiness was just right.  

Os à Moelle au Four (oven baked beef bone marrow with sea salt)

I also tried their Crème Brûlée served in a cazuela pot. The sweetness was just right, and to me what makes it special was the crispy caramelized sugar coating at the top.   

 My most favorite Crème Brûlée because of the caramelized sugar coating at the top. 

Truly, it is excellent to dine in this restaurant. You will taste what is unique about French dining.