Dr. Wine: A Place for Fine Wine

If you are looking for a place to hang out with your friends, then Dr. Wine is for you. Dr. Wine is a restaurant or bar serving delicious foods and fine wines.  

The signage at Dr. Wine's entrance.

They also offer viewing of sporting events, and they have events on special occasions or on weekends. 

The alfresco dining area facing the road to Rockwell.

What attracted me to this place are their European beers, with the Belgian beer being my favorite. When I drank there, I was also served an entree of pitted olives mildly fried in olive oil with some herbs.

A must taste Belgian Beer. 

Yummy pitted and fried olives as appetizer. 

So, hang out in this place and your thirst will be quenched by Dr. Wine!


  1. Thanks for the feature!! Hope you'll get ti try next time our wines and more of our Food Menu! Must try our Chicken Liver Mousse Pate and Osso Bucco. And oh we also have Seafood Sunday Brunch, the Lobster Croissant is the Superstar on our Brunch Menu! See you soon aye, look for Moses our Operations Director, he would love to welcome you! Cheers! -Gian, Marketing


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