Bike and Beer

In today's world when global warming is a pressing issue, sustainability is a buzzword. In a tiny corner of Intramuros in Plaza San Luis, there is a business establishment renting out bikes with frames made of bamboo which they call bambike. 

Sightseeing in Intramuros while riding the bambike is a cool thing. You don't add to carbon footprint and at the same time it can burn your calories.  

Me posing with the Bambike for rent.

After your round in Intramuros, it is good to relax while drinking a draft beer which the business establishment also serves. The draft beer they offer is at par in terms of quality with the beers in Europe and US which I have tasted. 

Good tasting draft beer at Bambike

For tourists visiting Intramuros, it is nice to experience what Bambike has to offer. Those are among the best ways to enjoy the historic "Walled City!"