World War II Maps at the Manila American Cemetery

For those of you interested in cartography, this post is for you. On my visit to the Manila American Cemetery, I was fascinated by the mosaic maps on display there.

The mosaic maps depict the military movements during World War II. It also has details or description of USAFFE's war strategies. The maps are huge and pleasing to the eyes. It can be used by historians for their research or book publication. 

Students visiting the place can also learn a lot from the maps. It will provide them a glimpse of what happened during World War II in the Philippines and in neighboring countries.  

Here are the photos of the maps I have taken at the Manila American Cemetery.    

Defense of Luzon

Battle for Leyte Gulf

Liberation of the Philippines

Return to the Philippines of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

United States Submarine Operations in the Pacific

Battle of the Coral Sea

Strategy in the Marianas

Battle of the Philippine Sea

Iwo Jima

General Strategy in the Pacific

Invasion of the Palau Islands

Military movements in Europe and North Africa.

Defense of Southeast Asia

Battle of Midway

China-Burma-India Theater

Military movements in Okinawa.

Military movements in Guadalcanal.

Air Assault on Japan

Military movements across the Pacific Ocean.

Northern Solomon Islands

Military movements in New Guinea.

The way this memorial was conceptualized is excellent. It reminds us time and again to learn the lessons of history, and never repeat the same mistakes already committed.