Santa Clara Mission Church: An Enduring Mission

The mission churches in California are among the notable places to visit as it reminds us of California's historic past. On my visit to Silicon Valley, I was fortunate to visit and attend mass at the Santa Clara Mission Church. 

The centuries old mission church is located inside the Jesuit-run Santa Clara University. The church was constructed in an eloquent mission style architecture which is well preserved to this day.

The facade of Santa Clara Mission Church

The scenes inside the church is not strange as it is very similar to the scenes in old churches in the Philippines.

The magnificent altar.

The ornate chandeliers

Me posing in front of the church.

In the church's piazza, there is a huge cross, part of which is a relic of the true cross. Inside the church, they also display the relic of San Junipero Serra, the purveyor of Catholic faith in Hispanic America.