Of History and Remembrance: A Visit to Manila American Cemetery

For this year's halloween, I am going to feature the Manila American Cemetery. This is not because the place is spooky of which it is not; rather, a hallowed ground worthy of our respect and admiration.

The cemetery grounds is nestled within the Bonifacio Global City area. The cemetery is calm, amidst the busy surroundings. It is well kept and beautiful, a worthy resting place for men and women of valor.  

The Visitors Building with the towering buildings in the background.

The receiving area inside the Visitors Building. 

Panoramic view of the area where the chapel is located.

A major feature of the cemetery is the chapel situated at the center of the memorial. The facade of the chapel features a figure representing St. George, as an American warrior, fighting his enemy, the dragon. Above them are figures representing liberty, justice, and country, the ideals which St. George fought for.

The facade of the chapel.

The chapel's altar depicts a tall, graceful female figure who scatters flowers. 

A representation of the Ten Commandments enshrined in the chapel.

A memorial to the heroes.

A Jewish tomb.

An engraving to commemorate heroes whose remains 
"sleep in unknown graves."

This engraving captured my attention because I saw this in a dollar bill.

A visit to the cemetery will also help you learn about World War II and the strategies employed by the United States Army Forces in the Far East. 

In my next post, I will present the pictures of mosaic maps I took in the American Cemetery. The maps depict the military movements during World War II.