The Greatness of Stanfords

I am fascinated by the Stanford family not only because they founded the world renowned Stanford University, but also because they seem to be the "Royal Family" of California. 

As most of us know, the Stanford campus prior to its becoming a school, was a ranch owned by Leland, Sr. that it was given a moniker "The Farm". It was also Leland Jr.'s favorite place for vacation.

Leland Sr. is a man of great ability as evidenced by his successful pursuits during the California gold rush and his becoming a railroad magnate. Of equal ability and a strong woman is his wife Jane. She was instrumental in founding the great university we know today. 

Their greatness is edified in the family mausoleum which can be found in the university's arboretum. 

A brief story of the great Stanford family

A statue honoring Leland Stanford, Sr., Leland Stanford, Jr., and Jane Stanford.

The Stanford Mausoleum where Leland Stanford Sr., Leland 
Stanford, Jr. and Jane Stanford was laid to rest.

Near the mausoleum is a replica of the "Angel of Grief" which honors Henry Lathrop, the brother of Jane Stanford. The original sculpture was made by William Wetmore Story in 1894, which became his and his wife's grave stone at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome. 

"Angel of Grief", a memorial to Henry Lathrop, Jane Stanford's brother

Visiting these spots in the university makes one nostalgic of a great family whose exceptional vision changed the world forever.