Starry Starry Walk and Downtown L.A.!!!

A visit to L.A. is always interesting. There are many good places in the city; the most remarkable of which is Hollywood. 

In there, Sunset Boulevard is a popular street where the iconic theaters and "Walk of Fame" are located. 

Sunset Boulevard

Among the iconic theaters is the El Capitan. What is remarkable about this theater is that its facade is in Spanish Colonial style while its interior has colorful and lavish East Indian design. 

El Capitan Theater, L.A.'s iconic theater

Another iconic theater is the Chinese Theater, a remarkable edifice for its oriental architecture.

Me in front of the elaborate facade of 
the Chinese Theater

Near the Chinese Theater is a shopping mall called Hollywood and Highland Center. When you get to this place, you will notice this arch with engravings of Egyptian figures.

The imposing structure at Hollywood and
Highland Center

Inspiring words from the Director

One should also take a walk along the "Walk of Fame." Walking here will not make you an instant celebrity. But it has the feel of how is it being famous.

The monument which depicts the starting point
of the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" 

Here are some of the names of famous Hollywood celebrities engraved along the walkway.  

Near the area, you can see this imposing edifice called "The Magic Castle." It has a hotel and club.  

An imposing edifice of "The Magic Castle."
From Hollywood, we proceeded to Grand Central Market. In here, there are many food stalls offering variety of delectable food choices.    

The stalls at Grand Central Market which offer
gourmet meals.

The clean and tidy eating area in
Grand Central Market

Al fresco dining area of Grand Central Market

A popular stall in this place is the "Eggslut." Its famous specialty is the "Slut" which according to its website, a "cage-free coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar, topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette." All I can say is that this gourmet meal is truly tasty.

Eggslut, the stall which offers the popular Slut.

Nearby is a German or Austrian food stall offering wurst and beer. It brought back my memory to the wurstelstands of Vienna.  

A stall which sells German or Austrian
foods and drinks.

L.A. is truly a remarkable city, not only for its celebrities but also for its wonderful character.