Johnson Space Center

I always wanted to see a spaceship. This dream came true when I visited the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston.

On its front lawn you will see the Shuttle Challenger atop its Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.

When you enter the exhibition gallery, you will see the pictures of astronauts on one section.

Among those pictures is that of Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and Buzz Aldrin who flew on Apollo 11 mission. They were the first person on the moon.

Various types of space suits are also on exhibit. 

Parts of space shuttle are also on display.

Here are what you can see inside the space shuttle.

This is the astronauts' toilet.

Inside the astronauts' cockpit.

When you take a tour of the center you can take the tram. It has four stops, namely the New Mission Control, the Historic Mission Control, the Saturn V at Rocket Park and Building 9.

I opted to visit Building 9 where astronauts train. In this building you can see mockups of International Space Station parts and the new Orion capsule. You can also see cutting edge rovers, robots and next-level space suits. Here are the pictures I took in that building.

The last stop of the tram tour is the Rocket Park where you can see these rockets.

Also found in Rocket Park is the Saturn V building where you can see the Saturn V rocket. This rocket according to Johnson Space Center website is "the most powerful rocket ever built and operated." It was used for transporting and landing American astronauts on the moon during the Apollo missions and it has a height of over 36 stories. The rocket on display is one of only three remaining in existence.

For science enthusiast as I am, the Johnson Space Center is a place to visit. It whetted my curiosity for space travel and beyond!