Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth

I always dreamed of visiting Disneyland, but I promised myself that my first Disney experience should be in Anaheim. Why in Anaheim?

Because it is the first Disneyland Park in the world. A visit to this place is a feast for the eyes with the magnificently designed buildings or structures dotting the park. Some of these I captured below.  

The Entrance to Disneyland

The structure which will welcome you as you enter the theme park. 

Me in front of the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

The iconic castle of the theme park

You will also see these old-fashioned but stylish vehicles. It should be a good ride for those tired to walk the sprawling park.

Stylish tram which ferries visitors 

I like the design of this double-decker bus.

Among the more interesting movies I have watched is the Pirates of the Caribbean. Indeed this ride is fabulous.

Canopy of the entrance to "Pirates of the Caribbean"

If you want an adventure which will make you wet, then the Grizzly River Run is for you. I think, the ride is a bit challenging.

The Grizzly River Run

If you get hungry, there are a number of restaurants or food stalls inside the park. One of the notable restaurants because of its magnificent architecture is "The Golden Horseshoe".  

The Golden Horseshoe, a restaurant inside Disneyland

Being a fan of Pooh, I made it a point to visit his nook in this theme park. I met him there as well as Eeyore. 

Entrance to Pooh's compound

Directions in Pooh's nook

Me with Eeyore

Me with Pooh

I'm also a fan of Star Wars, so I should visit that section of Disneyland. 

A molecule-like monument near Star Wars attraction

Star Wars Season of the Force

Star Wars fighting action

There is also a section on "Toy Story" with Buzz Lightyear as the most prominent character you will meet. 

Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story

Of course, Disneyland offers fantastic foods and drinks, some of which can only be found there such as the pineapple juice with ice cream.  

The famous Churros of Disneyland

Me holding two Churros

Dapper Dans, a barbershop quartet serenading the diners. 

Mac and Cheese Hotdog Sandwich

The odd tasting pineapple juice with ice cream

In the afternoon of our visit, there were so many tourists who came. Some area became crowded.

Many tourists passing by the tropical-inspired village.

A two-storey house with dried leaf roofing

A hut similar to those in Batak, Indonesia

There's more to see of course such as the "Village Haus", a Bavarian village and the "Storybook Land".

Part of the Village Haus

Storybook Land Canal Boats Entrance

Walt Disney, the philanthropist that he is, was honored by the American Humane Association with this commemorative marker. 

A marker commemorating Walt Disney for his humanitarian efforts.

The last ride we took was the "Small World." It's quite a travel of the world in just one place. It's good for kids as they know the characters there and they know quite well the song "It's a Small World". At various points of the trip, the song was sung in various languages. Below are some of the pictures I took there.   

Marker of the "Small World"

Palatial facade of the "Small World" ride  

The dolphin living sculpture

Welcoming Diversity

The Drummers

Entrance to the royal courtyard

Field of clovers

Flying Over the Windmills


Scene in Venice

Dancers of India

Dancers of Indonesia


Children's Wonderland

Nature inspired  show 

Dancers of Middle East

Dancers of Latin America

Little Mermaid

Hawaiian Dancers

Kanga and Roo

Toy Story's Woody riding Bullseye Horse

Cute Singers

My visit to Disneyland really made me so happy that I can only say... it's "The Happiest Place on Earth"!