A Visit to the University of Houston

After my tour at Johnson Space Center, my friend who is pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Houston toured me in his school. Since it was a Sunday, we attended mass at the Catholic Newman Center where he is a member of the choir.   

The receiving area of the Catholic Newman Center

My visit fell on a Sunday so I attended mass at the 
Catholic Newman Center. 

After the mass, we visited the Chemical Engineering Department in which he showed me his laboratory. His laboratory is magnificent as it is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The researches they conduct there are interesting.   

University of Houston Chemical Engineering Department

Me in front of this prominent poster presentation.

A meaningful "Engineers' Creed"

On our way out of the campus, we passed by the College of Architecture and Administration Buildings, both of which have magnificent architectural design.    

A beautifully designed College of Architecture Building.

The Ezekiel W. Cullen Building houses the administrative 
headquarters of the University of Houston System

On visiting the University of Houston, one can say that it is a sanctum for intellectual pursuits! 


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