Layover in Beijing

Since Chinese foods are my favorite, I decided to have layover in Beijing en route to Houston. It was a long layover which provided me ample time to discover a piece of Chinese culture.

We landed at Beijing Capital International Airport. This is a sprawling complex with many interesting shops and restaurants inside. 

The plane which carried us from Singapore to Beijing.

One of the duty free shops inside the airport with the 
fountain in the foreground.

At the time of my visit, there were still on going construction outside the terminal building particularly for this control tower. 

There are still construction works at the airport 
traffic control tower.

I also saw this exhibition of Chinese architectural style in this pavilion. It has a sublime beauty in itself, and reminiscent of China's great dynasties.  

A kind of Chinese Pavilion

Chinese characters usually seen at a building's portal.

Since I arrived in Beijing early morning, I decided to have breakfast at a more familiar cafe. The cafe's name is Cafe Sambal which is a Singaporean cafe. 

Cafe Sambal, a Singaporean cafe at the airport.

Beef noodle soup

While waiting for the next leg of my journey, I stayed at the airport's lounge. It is spacious and has reading, dining and viewing areas. There are also cubicles for sleeping. There is also a tea drinking area where they serve good Chinese tea. 

Dining or reading space of the lounge

The buffet offers wide variety of food choices. There are Chinese and Western foods as well. They also offer good desserts, and drinks.

The buffet table

My layover in Beijing however long was comfortable. It's a time to relax and enjoy the perks the airport has to offer.