CHIJMES : A Cool Place to Chill Out

One of the interesting places in Singapore is the CHIJMES. The first time I saw this place, I supposed it was a place for prayer. But to my surprise, it was a place for dining and entertainment. 

The most notable spot in the compound is the CHIJMES Hall which has an early Gothic style architecture. It used to be a chapel of the convent which once occupied the place.

The facade and portal leading to CHIJMES Hall

On entering the compound, one will be awed by the architectural design of the hallways. The design was inspired by European architecture.       
 The distinctive architecture of the hallway

Walking further, variety of restaurants can be seen. Some of these offer alfresco dining. These restaurants cater to clientele of various nationalities.

Alfresco dining place at CHIJMES

The yard inside CHIJMES

One of the finer gardens inside the place

Dining experience at CHIJMES is not just about foods but also about relationships that matter. It is best experienced in an ambiance characteristic of CHIJMES!