Roman Ruins: The Grandeur That Was...

Within the Schonbrunn Palace complex, you can find this Roman ruins. In visiting this magnificent tourist spot, you will have an experience of "the grandeur that was Rome"

While the structure is not really a ruin from of old, it exudes the best of style in the ancient world. This was a creation of Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg and was built in 1778.

The Roman ruins in its full grandeur. 

In the picture above, the statues at the center depicts the gods of the rivers Danube and Enns. The elaborate columns and reliefs were made under the supervision of the court architects. 

Remnants of the left wing. 

Remnants of the right wing.

The stone decorations you can see above were executed by the sculptors Beyer, Henrici and Franz Zacherle.

Me posing in front of the ruins. 

The Archway

All I can say is that, the ruins in its subtle existence completed the picturesque landscape of Schonbrunn Hill. It is a structure which compliments other structures dotting the regal landscape.