Appreciating Foods in the Desert

On my flight to and from Europe, I had my stop over in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. To taste the local flavors, I looked for restaurants inside the airport serving local foods. 

On my flight to Europe, I found the restaurant serving this food. The serving comprised of Arabian green salad, bread and delicious dips. I expected the dips were spicy but to my surprise they were sweet.   

Delicious local foods

On my return to Singapore, my stop over at Dubai was in early morning. On finding a good restaurant to have breakfast, I happened to see a very attractive advertisement featuring a Turkish coffee. So, I looked for the restaurant and finally settled there for breakfast. I ordered the Turkish coffee and when I sipped it, I found the taste exotic. It is indeed one kind of a brew and "must taste" for visitors to the Middle East. 

Turkish coffee at Dubai International Airport

This taste of the Middle East made me wonder, "Perhaps there are more good foods out there which need to be discovered?" 


  1. I will be having a stopover at Dubai for a business meeting next month. Your blog has given me some great restaurants where I can enjoy scrumptious dishes of the Dubai Cuisines. I will also try the Turkish coffee after savoring some unique dishes at the Dubai International Airport.


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