Schonbrunn Palace: Majesty of A Great Edifice

The most romantic of Habsburg Palaces is the Schonbrunn Palace. When you set foot on this place, you will feel the nostalgia for romance which flourished during the imperial times. The palace is panoramic and ornate in its design. It evokes a character apt for the royals.   

Schonbrunn Palace

Me in front of the Schonbrunn Palace

The lawn of the palace is manicured in distinctive royal style with exuberant statues dotting the landscape.  

A statue at the side of the palace

The palace's manicured lawn

Regal walkway covered with vines

Among the sights of interest in the palace complex are the Neptune Fountain and the Gloriette, which in its evocative style can make one deeply attached to the place. 

Panoramic view of the Gloriette with the Neptune Fountain in the foreground.

The Neptune Fountain

Beautiful ducks swimming at the Neptune Fountain's pool

View of the palace with the city of Vienna in the backdrop.

View of Vienna from the Gloriette

The Gloriette lit at night

The Gloriette is so magnificent when lit at night.

Lovely lake at the back of the Gloriette

Ancient ruins near the Gloriette

Visiting Schonbrunn Palace is like a travel in time, perhaps a travel to Austrian utopia envisioned in the noble minds of the Habsburgs.