Stephansdom: Austria's Bastion of Catholicism

Every tourist to Vienna - Catholics and non-Catholics alike, should tread the way to Stephansdom. Stephansdom is the episcopal seat of the Archdiocese of Vienna, the consecration of which dates back to 1147.

Its Romanesque and Gothic architectural style resonates the solemn exquisiteness of fervent Austrian belief. The cathedral is unparalleled in its religious arts and sculptures, each of which can be considered a masterpiece.

The facade of Stephansdom

Inside the Cathedral

The exquisite icon of the Sacred Heart

Ornate wall sculpture

Bust of the crucified Christ

A sculpture of suffering Christ adorning 
the cathedral wall

Finely ornate depiction of a Station of the Cross

Me in front of Stephansdom

Scene on a typical day at Stephansplatz

All I can say is that Stephansdom may be far from the taste of heaven, but a mortal glorification of Omnipotence that is noble in sanctity.