Naschmarkt: Getting it Fresh and Luscious

Austria is the best place for foods and goods. To get the best bargain for these stuffs, Naschmarkt is the place to go. This place is near Karlsplatz and it is a long strip of stalls and food places. The place is clean and a bit crowded.

The stuffs I saw there were different types of ready to eat wurst (or sausage), several varieties of cheese, chocolates, clothes, souvenirs, European spices and vegetables. Getting these stuffs there is not expensive. 

The restaurants still look fancy and seem to serve delicious foods. Wine, beer and apple juice are always on the menu. Here's a glimpse of what you can see at Naschmarkt.

Alley of restaurants in Naschmarkt.

One of the stalls selling meat and cheese products.

The wurst or sausage sold at Naschmarkt.

Fruits and veggies on sale.

When in Vienna, Naschmarkt is indeed the best place to go for shopping and dinning! It is where you can find quality European produce at an affordable price.