Karlsplatz: A Tidbit of Grander Magnificence

The moment I arrived in Vienna, I was drawn to Kalsplatz since I have to transfer to another train line there to go to my hotel. I decided to look around the place and this edifice captured my attention. So I walked towards the direction of the church.  


The church was being renovated at that time, but its eternal magnificence is telling. It was solemnly lit on a typical winter night.

A stone's throw away from the church is the Technical University of Vienna. It's main building has imposing facade in Baroque style which enhances the overall aesthetics of the surroundings. 

The Technical University of Vienna

In going to the next train station, I have to pass by the underpass below. It is well-lighted, clean, and lined with attractive advertisements.

An underpass in Karlsplatz

I would say, Karlsplatz may just be a tiny bit of Vienna, but it speaks of a larger magnificence!