Dominican Church in Vienna

What I like about the Austrian people is that they truly live their Catholic faith by being gentle, kind and courteous. Their deep sense of Catholicism probably emanates from the fact that Vienna's landscape is dotted with magnificent churches with elaborate interiors. 

Among these magnificent churches is the Dominican Church which is designated a historical site. You can see the designation together with those red and white flags placed at the church's facade.
The facade of the Dominican church.

The historical marker of the church.

Magnificent church interior.

Frescoes at the ceiling.

Fresco depicting God.  

The ornate pulpit.

The church's main altar.

The side altar.

Painting of the Blessed Virgin

Madonna and the Child

Virgin and Martyr

Jesus and a Saint

St. Dominic

The Coronation

The choir loft and the elaborate pipe organ.

The church in itself can be considered a masterpiece of Austrian gallant artistry, a fervor of infinite Divine inspiration.