Austrian Gastronomy

As a Filipino who have set foot in Austria, the foods there sit well with my taste. It is varied and just amazing for me at best!

A visit to Austria will never be complete without eating the famous wurst. It is nothing but a fried sausage with pickles and sour dip.

The wurst you can find in wurstelstand.

Another specialty in Austria is Schnitzel which is like a breaded meat. France has a similar dish called escalope

Schintzel is best served with potato salad in oil, vinegar and beef stock called Erdapfelsalat.

Erdapfelsalat, made from sliced potato in oil, vinegar 
and beef stock.

The Austrian dish which I also like is called Goulash. It's a sliced beef with carrot and potato in red sauce. As was said, Goulash was a poor mans meal in the olden times. But because of its good taste, it became popular with everyone.


To cap it off, the best Austrian dessert is Sacher Torte which is a chocolate cake with jam. The cake was originally created at Sacher Hotel which until now they are selling the cake in a wooden box, a perfect present to bring home.  

Sacher Torte, chocolate cake with a jam.

Austrian foods are quite unique in its taste. It balances the salty, sour, tangy, and sweet delicacies. Eating such will make you want for more!