Transportation in Vienna

Before going anywhere, it is very important to be familiar with the transportation system in Vienna. Anyhow, the transportation system there is very efficient.

From the airport, you can take the City Airport Train (CAT). The train is very clean and it will ferry you to the city center in 16 minutes. 

Me with my cousin Iggy

Wiremesh lion with post-its

The train is very clean inside.

Another transport option in Vienna is the U-Bahn. You can go anywhere in the city just by taking this train. 

The U Bahn station on a typical day.

Inside the train

Another convenient mode of transport is the Tram. The Tram Lines can be found anywhere in the city and more often it can bring you to your destination very fast. 

The tram in Vienna

The moment you are in Vienna, you now know what to take. Happy sojourn!