No Signboard Seafoods: The Best of Singapore

Chili Crab being an iconic Singaporean cuisine is served by various restaurants or food stalls across the island. But of course, not all chili crabs in Singapore are prepared equal.

Of distinct taste at its best is the chili crab being served by No Signboard Seafood restaurant. The first time I dined in this restaurant was in 2007 at their Mattar Road branch which at that time seemed like a garage converted into a dining place.

Anyhow, the Chili Crab and Cereal Buttered Prawn they served us back then was too good for the palate as it is now.
The fancy ambiance inside the restaurant.

I was teaching my best friend how to dine the Singaporean way.

I let my best friend try Chili Crab with bun and Cereal Buttered Prawn.

Cereal Buttered Prawn

The spicy sauce of Chili Crab.

Buko Juice

The restaurant already has four branches in VivoCity, The Central @ Clark Quay, The Esplanade and No. 414 Geylang. No doubt, with the good foods that they serve, the restaurant became successful and expanded their business as such.