Hollandse Club: A Place for Recreation and Dining

In Singapore, there are just so many clubs catering to varied tastes, nationalities and styles. One of these remarkable clubs is the Hollandse Club catering to Dutch expatriates in Singapore (though they entertain other nationalities as well).

The club has both indoor and outdoor dining area. The indoor dining area is more for formal dining, whereas the outdoor dining area is good for dining while enjoying the relaxing view of the pool and lush greenery beyond the club. For the foods that the club serve, I will write about it in a separate post.

The indoor dining area.

 Outdoor dining area.

Adjacent to the dining area is a lanai where people can lounge while enjoying a tennis match downstairs in the tennis court. 

The lanai overlooking the tennis court.

The club's tennis court.

The club's pool.

A magnificent Dutch work of art.

Within the club, you can find events hall and a shop selling Dutch goodies such as hagelslag, drop, fresh herring, stroopwafel, etc. 

The halls and walkways are adorned with exquisite paintings reproduced from the original by Dutch masters. For instance, I saw this reproduction of "Het Melkmeisje" by Johannes Vermeer.

A reproduction of Johannes Vermeer's "Het Melkmeisje" 
near the Brabant Room

It is always good to go to the Hollandse Club for dining and recreation. It will make you experience the goodness of going Dutch!