Fast Cars: A Peek into Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2015

My interest for sports car was roused when I learned of a chemically fueled sports car racing competition sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. So, when the chance to get to watch the Grand Prix in Singapore arose, I grabbed the opportunity. 

It was a different experience when you watch Grand Prix on the track. While watching, I also feel the adrenaline rush even if I am just an spectator. 

There was excitement all around and cameras got ready to capture the approaching fast car. This happened several times as the sports cars go round the track.

What added to the excitement though was the German lady standing beside me. She is a great fan of Grand Prix together with her husband and daughters (as she told me). 

She was screaming and pointing at the sports car while saying the name of the driver, "That's Hamilton". She has a great pride for Sebastian Vettel, her compatriot from Germany who was driving the Ferrari car. 

Watching the race is truly enjoyable if you know the drivers and you know their teams (usually two drivers for one team). Anyhow, when you enter the track, there is a booth where you can get a guide to the racers, their teams and stats. 

The gate to the track.

One of the magnificently lit food corners in the track.

The spectators of the race.

A good backdrop to take photo souvenir.

Me taking photo after the race.

Another exciting part of the event was the concert after the race. At that time, Maroon 5 were the performers. They sung favorite songs from their album.   

Maroon 5 concert after the race.

This event is one of my most memorable experiences. The excitement brought about by the race and the entertainment brought about by Maroon 5 concert are superb and unique.