Phuket Old Town: Sino-Portuguese Shop Houses

Towns of antiquity evoke an ambiance of romance in its intrinsic simplicity. In Phuket's Old Town, this is quite evident and accentuated with colorful Sino-Portuguese shop houses.

Perhaps, the Sino-Portuguese style is really intended to make the place lovable and render it a perfect venue for pre-nup photo shoot. Similar shop houses can also be found in Singapore, Penang, Malacca and Johor and all these places seem to be lovable.    

Going for a jalan jalan in Old Town is worth your time. You can shop there for souvenirs or grab a local snack in a number of restaurants. There are also bars for party-going people. The place is not expensive to have fun.

Phuket's Sino-Portuguese Shop Houses 

 Soi Romanee, former red light district of Phuket.

The shop houses reminded me of Singapore's Chinatown.

Entrance to the Temple of Serene Light.

A Thai Buddhist Temple

As the intrinsic beauty of a place is shrouded in history, one's appreciation of Phuket can emanate from what Old Town exudes - that of lasting beauty in profound simplicity.