DB Bistro & Oyster Bar

If one wants to have a drink while enjoying fresh oyster appetizer, then DB Bistro and Oyster Bar is for you. The bistro is a cozy place made more beautiful by its elegant style. 

Diners have many options on the menu but what is remarkable is the fresh oyster they serve as appetizer. The fresh oysters are sourced from Hawaii, Japan and Australia.

Another food that I like there is the Original db Burger, which is a sirloin burger filled with braised short ribs and foie gras served on parmesan bun. They serve it together with fries.

Wide range of available drinks at the bar.

The set-up at the bar.

The bread and butter they serve before the main course.

The sauce for fresh oyster.

The fresh oyster sourced from Hawaii, Australia and Japan. 

DB Bistro and Oyster Bar is a relaxing place in spite of the hectic activities taking place within Marina Bay Sands. It is always good to spend Sunday afternoon there while prepping up one's mind for another busy week.