Big Buddha: Edifying Faith

Knowing the local culture through the lens of faith gives one a rare glimpse of the place's true identity and soul. For Phuket, faith in Buddhism pervades the local scene with the monks collecting alms, the residents offering in their altars and the edifying glory of the Big Buddha.

Big Buddha is located at the summit of Nakkerd Hills overlooking the panoramic Chalong Bay. As you ascend the hill, the Big Buddha looks like a stone cast in purifying spell with its white color among the lush greenery. 

The Big Buddha

Me in front of the Big Buddha

When I visited the place, the monks were chanting in discordant but jubilant way. Within that complex, you can find magnificent golden statues which are revered in Buddhism.

A golden statue within Big Buddha Complex

A statue of deity with many hands.

A statue to an elder.

A statue to a Thai hero.

 Statues of Buddhism

Nice vista of Chalong from Nakkerd Hills, where the Big Buddha is located.

The place is not just a good retreat for believers of Buddhism but also for anyone who wants to truly know Phuket and the edifying faith of the locals.