A Stroll at Chinatown

One of Singapore's cultural landmarks is Chinatown. In here, you can see the Chinese influence on Singaporean culture. It is a typical sight in this place the colorful Chinese style shop houses and roads adorned with Chinese lanterns.

Colorful shop houses in Chinatown.

A typical scene in Chinatown near the Chinatown Heritage Center. 

There are also bazaars along the streets offering souvenirs, Chinese charms, jewelries, paintings, and even old coins and decors from China. The stuffs on sale are pricey but you can haggle if you are buying more items. 

A shop selling Chinese stuffs.

Chinatown is also a place for dining anytime of the day. There are food stalls along the streets where you can buy Singaporean Chinese foods. For full dining, there is a seafood restaurant just around the corner. 

Chinatown is also a place for dining.

Though a hectic place, Chinatown is also host to various spas offering haven for relaxation and various types of massage. So, after a day's stroll, it is good to indulge in these spas. In my experience I would say, Chinatown is indeed a place worth of visit, both for tourists and locals alike.