Magnificent Bacacay

There is no place like home and for me there is no place like Bacacay. I can say that because my hometown is Bacacay. 

It is situated in the eastern slope of Mayon Volcano in the province of Albay, the Philippines. It is a coastal town, the entire coastline of which offers enchanting panorama of beaches and tropical islands.  

Having stayed in this place for two decades, I afforded the tranquility of the place and the picturesque landscape surrounding me every single day. What  a privilege indeed to belong to this place!

As a community deeply rooted in profound Catholic faith, the center of Bacacayano's life is the church. Every Sunday, Bacacayanos would attend mass and would actively participate in religious activities. A testament to this is the fact that our town produced a significant number of priests.

An old photograph of our town's church. 

The facade of our town church now. 

The magnificently designed altar of our parish church. 

The ruin of our old church which was transformed into events hall called "Porta Fidei." 

Our town's municipal hall commonly called "Munisipyo." 

The ruins of Spanish era watchtower at Roca Baluarte 
used to spot incoming Moro raids. 

Majestic sight during island hopping. 

Busdac Beach 


Misibis Bay 

The amphitheater at Cagraray Eco Park overlooking the sea.

Sula Channel, a haven for ships during typhoons. 

The Boguias islet 

The entire coastline of my hometown has the potential for beach resort development.
What sets it apart is its black sand due to the volcanic nature of the place.