A Visit to Chinese Garden

One of the more popular places to visit in Singapore is the Chinese Garden. 

Well it is good to pay a visit there because the entrance is free and at the same time, there are many attractions to see. 

It does not just offer a good view of manicured landscape, but also a glimpse of rich Chinese culture.  

Here are the attractions at the Chinese Garden.

View of the Pagoda from the fields

Indians playing cricket at the Chinese Garden fields

River by the Pagoda

River at the entrance of Chinese Garden

The majestic Chinese Pagoda

Interesting attractions at the Chinese Garden are the statues of Chinese Legendary Heroes which include the world famous movie character Mulan and of course the great philosopher Confucius. 


Here are the stately Chinese style bridges you can see there.

More distinctively Chinese style structures you can see in the place. 

The place is dotted with good views as below.

I'm a fan of Confucius that is why my attention was captured by his statue and the corresponding inscription at its base.

I agree 100% with what he said. As such, he encouraged teachers to do their best so that all their students can learn well from them.

What I am most happy about in the Chinese Garden is that there are statues of animals in the Chinese zodiac or Sheng Xiao. So, I took a photo with the animal representing my Chinese zodiac which is Rat!