Nusa Dua : Dwelling of Godly Magnificence

If ever there is a place which offers a picturesque view of south seas, that is Nusa Dua, a southern island of Bali.

This place had been developed as a premier tourist destination in Bali with its high end hotels and endless beaches.

Within this island, you can also find other attractions reflective of the Balinese artistic psyche. 

The island is dotted with gigantic sculpture of their gods in elaborate style. Some of the sculptures are also adorned with cloth and the sacred Balinese umbrella.  

Just anywhere you can find ornate offerings to the gods in Balinese style with the scent of incense fading into eternity. 

Nusa Dua is nothing but a temporal substantiation of divine dwelling conceived within the recesses of Balinese artistry.    
Facade of "The Courtyard" by Marriott. The frontage depicts the rice terraces in Bali.
A statue honoring a certain Hindu group.
The gigantic statue of Rama and Lakshmana at Nusa Dua. 
Balinese daily offering to the gods.
A typical Balinese gate with two guard sculptures.
Sculpture of frogs in Bali.
A Balinese legendary hero
A Balinese warrior
A Balinese deity