Nusa Dua : Beauty of the Sea

Bali is a world renowned tourist destination for her beaches. As such, going to the beach is a must when one is in Bali. Particular, I recommend the beaches of Nusa Dua in the southern part of the island. 

The beachfront offers panoramic view of the ocean. The seemingly endless coast is a good place to walk in early mornings to catch the healthy morning sunlight.

Beachfront during early morning.

The waters of Bali.

An island off the coast.

The entire stretch of the coast is dotted with world class resorts and each one has many things to offer. One can just lie and relax on a beach lounge chair while sunbathing under the tropical sun. Westerners in Bali love this way to get tan. 

A Balinese sculpture guarding the temple by the sea.

One of Bali's resort.

It was so nice to swim in the waters of Nusa Dua beach. The sceneries are nice, the sea is clean, and there are just many activities for tourists visiting the area (e.g. boating, beach volleyball, surfing). As such, a tourist's experience in this place is always worthwhile.