Eat, Paint, Love : A Balinese Flair for Art

Bali is a get away not just for beaches but also for its artistic crafts. One of the destinations for tourists who are art connoisseurs is the "Art Village."

In here, one can see Balinese paintings of various motifs depicting life and culture in Bali.

There are paintings of Buddha, Hindu gods and goddesses as well as the rich Balinese landscape.

As Balinese believe in sanctity of nature, paintings of flowers and plants are also available in hues of tropical colors. 

The paintings generally are characterized by exquisite and still depiction of the subject.

The Balinese kind of "ornateness" is not extravagant in appeal but very natural in its beauty.     

Me with my mother and aunt at the entrance of "Art Village"

The roofing with distinctive Balinese art