Batik a la Balinese

Indonesia is known for its quality batik and Bali has mastered this craft. Batik comes in many different types, designs and colors. In Bali, you will really notice that the batik they are selling is of high quality.

The batik craft comes in designs exuding distinctive Asian exoticism. The painters have truly mastered painting their design. They can paint fast despite of the details.

One of the batik painters doing her craft.

The batik products being sold are polo shirts, shawls, table runners, table cloths, coin purses, bed linens, fans, women beach dress and shorts. Also on offer is a Balinese style white shirt on which you can have it painted batik style. One of the reasons to buy the shirt is that you can customize the design based on a pre-painted catalogue.

The batik painter painting my shirt.

What one can glean is that batik may be of ancient craft, but its exoticism has lasting appeal. It will always find use in our lives for a distinctive appeal.