Balinese Sculpture : The Finer Side of Art

Among the stunning sights in Bali are the intricately carved sculptures you can see almost anywhere.

The sculptures are unique as it portrays something which you can only see in Bali. 

The sculptures depict animals, warriors, deities and humanoids presented in such royal elegance.

The moment you stepped at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you will be welcomed by sculptures of legendary/religious characters such as the Garuda. The arrival area of the airport displays the sculptures of these various legendary/religious characters.

As you go out of the airport, you will see sculptures of gods/goddesses in graceful Balinese pose lining the streets. There is this rotunda of ornate sculpture depicting the valiant struggles of Ghatotkacha, a hero in Mahabharata.  

If these sculptures are only real, Bali is truly the "Island of the Gods."         

The intricate sculpture of Garuda

Sculpture of a goddess

Sculpture of Garuda in colors

Sculpture of a Balinese musician

A Balinese drummer

A sculpture of divinely creature.

A Balinese sculpture of a divine creature.