What's in Store at Fullerton Hotel?

Fullerton Hotel is among the best hotels Singapore has to offer. This edifice has been iconic because of its role in Singapore's history as a former post office and as the address of visiting dignitaries in Singapore.

Adding to its grandeur is its architectural style dating back to the British colonial times. It appears stately as any government buildings in Singapore such as the Parliament and Istana.

Within its walls are magnificent way to dine especially at "The Courtyard." This restaurant offers buffet dining as well as a la carte. You can choose from a range of food offerings from the menu, but I tried there the bento box.

You can have various selections of bento box there but I tried the one with tempura and sashimi. It also includes miso soup, rice with sesame and slices of fruits.
The view of Fullerton Hotel from Asian Civilizations Museum.

A floral depiction of F1 sports car with the Fullerton mascot driving.

Orchid adorning the dining tables.

Sparkling water

The bento box which is among their menu offerings.

Fullerton Hotel provide every guest the best hotel experience it can offer. Even if you don't check-in there, you can still enjoy Fullerton's best in dining or in pure relaxation.