The Fabled Chili Crab of Rasa Istemewa

Singapore is a place for good foods, and the best known among them is Chili Crab. No one should ever leave Singapore soil without tasting this distinctive delicacy.

At a first glance, one would think that Chili Crab is extremely spicy that you cannot eat it. Yes, it's huber spicy but you can still eat it.

It is the tasty red sauce which makes you crave for this delicacy. A glance at the sauce would tell you that is has a lot of chopped chili and pepper. But its taste is delicate for the palate. Try dipping the fried bun into it and all the more your appetite will increase.  

Rasa Istemewa's Chili Crab with Bun.

In Singapore, the most famous Chili Crab is offered by "No Signboard Restaurant" located in Aljunied. But in the west, there is also "Rasa Istemewa" located in a park at Choa Chu Kang. I have tried both restaurants and both serve the same quality of Chili Crab. 

The view of the restaurant taken from the park.