Diversity of Beliefs

Singapore as a bastion of cultural diversity is host to various beliefs and religions. Among these are Chinese folk religion, Buddhism (both Theravada and Mahayana), Hinduism, Judaism, Islamism, Christianity, etc.

What impresses me with this coexistence is the fact that religious tensions do not exist unlike in my country, the Philippines which has only two predominant religions, i.e. Christianity and Islam.

This is also advantageous for Singapore in educating their young because the presence of religious edifices as well as the students' diversity of beliefs make the discussion on religions more concrete (unlike in the Philippines, discussions on Buddhism, Judaism, etc. are very abstract). 

The presence of places of worship in various architectural styles adds color to Singapore's landscape and make it a place where people of all beliefs feel belonging. 

The colorful façade of a Hindu Temple near Fort Canning Hill.

A Buddhist Temple

Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator

The magnificent St. Andrew's Cathedral, a place of worship
for the Anglicans in Singapore.

St. Joseph's Church, a Catholic church which belong
previously to the Portuguese Mission.

Maghain Aboth Synagogue

The Sultan Mosque

With this harmonious coexistence of diversity of beliefs, Singapore is a singular model for the world to emulate where religious tolerance is highly encouraged and besmirching religions is an unacceptable societal norm (that is why there are no "terrorist" attacks or religious riots happening in Singapore).