Busan Aquarium: Colorful Aquatic World

A visit to Busan will not be complete without passing by the Busan Aquarium. A visit to this aquarium reminded me of the aquarium at Sentosa in Singapore.

Me at the entrance to Busan Aquarium.

This aquarium has enormous collection of adorable marine creatures ranging from the minutiae to whale-size creatures and in varying colors too.

School of fish.

A swimming turtle in the aquarium.

Diversity of fish.

An exotic kind of crustacean.

A frog which thrives under the sea.

Amphibious frogs.

A different kind of eel.

Life underwater.

A puffer fish look-a-like.

Another school of fish.

Small fish which looks like dolphins.

Turtle in water.

Turtle as it emerge from rocks.

Turtles on the rocks.

Lovely tiny creatures.

Minutiae sea creatures.

Turtles with dark spiky back.

Turtles with lighter colored spiky back.

Tiny fishes in colorful corral environment.

Whale shark

An owl fish.

A variety of shrimp

An elegant looking corral.

Minutiae crabs

An exotic kind of lobster.

Underwater snails.

Seaweeds which shelter fishes.

A shellfish

A marine zebra snake.

A coral sheltering these marine creatures.

Sea snakes with spots.

Blooming corrals

Seahorse and seaweeds

A crab probably found in East Asia (Korea and Japan).


Subtle Jellyfish

Pearl-colored octopus.

White jellyfish

Tiny white jellyfish

Jellyfishes which transform color with light.

Corral environment

Tiny fishes

Small fishes

Small fishes which look like comets.

Microcosm of marine creatures

Tiny fishes.

A seaweed environment

Small eel with giraffe-like color.

A long protruding creature from sand.

Tentacles of giant octopus

Not so beautiful fish but adorable

Seashells thriving in Busan seawater.

More fishes

Serene algal community

Yellow fish

Artificial seaweeds

Marine plants arranged into musical symbols.

Fish with protruding fin.

Seaweeds in underwater landscape.

If life under the sea is like this, it is just magnificent. Nature indeed is a wonderful work of art given to us humans to appreciate and preserve.