Yang Chong Lui's Premium Samgyeopsal

I was very fortunate to be brought by my friend Jina to Yang Chong Lui's restaurant. This restaurant offers wide array of meat choices for barbeque.

This is not a buffet type resto, but it looks like one. When you enter this place, you have to choose first the kind of meat you want. It can be pork or beef but from different parts of pig or cow.

What makes the barbeque tasty was that it was grilled using charcoal not gas stove. The charcoal used was from pinewood, which according to Jina does not produce bad-smelling smoke. 

What amazes me when we dinned in this resto was that there was sweet potato wrapped in aluminum foil placed on burning charcoal for cooking. After some time, we got the sweet potato and set it aside to cool. When we ate it, the taste was sweet just like any sweet potato you can find in Korea. 

As to our main course, Jina chose a meat from part of a pig which comes in small quantity but best tasting and therefore more pricey.

If you want to have the best samgyeopsal experience in Korea, you should look 
for this restaurant. Its name is Yang Chong Lui.

They serve the veggies for samgyeopsal like a flower arrangement. 

The luscious white "kimchi".

This place is not just best for its barbeque offering but also a place for conversation and bonding among friends, family and colleagues.