Vietnam's War Remnants Museum

For Filipinos, a war museum like the War Remnants Museum of Vietnam is something that we don't have. This is because, the Philippines did not experience a Civil War.

This may be a bitter part of history, but within the confines of this edifice lies the lessons our civilization has to learn - that of making peace.

The War Remnants Museum showcases what was left of Vietnam War including the grotesque deformation of fetus brought about by exposure to dioxins and dioxin-like compounds, contained in the defoliant Agent Orange.

The War Remnants Museum.

The remaining missiles of Vietnam War.

On the museum grounds are exhibits of helicopters, fighter jets, tanks, boat and missiles used by the American forces during the war. 

The boat used by US Navy during the war.

Military tanks on exhibit at the museum grounds.

US fighter jets during the Vietnam War.

Chinook helicopters used by American forces.

I always fancy to fly a plane because becoming a pilot was my childhood dream.