Vietnamese Paintings

As a child, I am familiar with Vietnamese lacquer art because my mother bought several pieces from Vietnamese refugees selling such paintings in our town. Such kind of art is unique to Vietnam and it depicts rural scenes or entourage of royalties.
When I visited Ho Chi Minh City last December 2013, I was amazed to find the Fine Arts Museum with its massive collection of paintings.
The painting collections at the museum varies from landscape paintings, portraitures, abstract paintings, paintings depicting war and paintings depicting bilateral relations with other countries.
My visual experience of Vietnamese paintings made me conclude that Vietnamese artists indeed have a flair for what is aesthetically pleasing.  
What I like about the Fine Arts Museum is that it is housed in a colonial style building which made a feel of what it is to be in Indochina. I think even the French colonizers of long ago enjoyed their stay in Saigon. 
Vietnam's Struggle for Independence 
Rural Scenes 
Urban Scenes 
Traditional Beliefs 
Paintings Depicting People 
Abstractions of Human Life 

Friendship between Philippines and Vietnam