The Museum of Vietnamese History

This museum showcases the rich history of Vietnam. Its collections comprise of items which dates back to ancient Vietnamese empire.
Among its notable collections are antique earthen wares, housewares, images of deities and an ancient boat. This also showcases a 200-year old woman mummy which was discovered in 1994 in an ancient grave at Cui Hamlet, Ward 8, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. 
Of course, the water puppet show should never be missed when you visit this museum.  
Me in front of the museum.
A large vase dedicated to a Vietnamese leader.
The welcoming bust of Ho Chi Minh.
Photographs of the donor of the museum.
Collection of antique Buddha statue and earthen wares.
Collection of house decors.
Collection of earthen vessels and images of deities.
Antique housewares.
Porcelain decorative plates.
Exhibit of an ancient Vietnamese boat similar to Philippines' balangay.
Tools of primitive inhabitants of Vietnam.
More primitive tools.
Vietnam's tribal costumes.
An ancient Vietnamese drum.