Temporal Nirvana: A Visit to Saigon's Temples

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are several temples which are visited by tourists. In my case, I have chosen to visit the Vinh Nghiem Temple and the Jade Emperor Pagoda. The reason being these are more accessible for me.

I first visited the Vinh Nghiem Temple, which is a Buddhist temple. This is the first pagoda in Vietnam to be built in Vietnamese traditional architecture. If you're in this place, you can really feel its sanctity.
The imposing temple façade in the background. In here, I was riding a Vietnamese rickshaw.
The pagoda adjacent to the temple.
A Buddhist incense boat.
A bell used for worship. This is similar to Korea's bosingak.
A pagoda in the front lawn of the temple.
A structure at the back of the temple in Buddhist architecture.
My next stop was the Jade Emperor Pagoda, which is a Taoist temple. This is also known as "Luck Sea Temple" (Phuoc Hai Tu) or Tortoise Pagoda. 
A monument with Chinese inscription in front of the temple.
A Taoist deity also in the monument but facing the temple.
The façade of the temple with a pagoda in the foreground.
The turtle pond inside the temple complex. The temple has this pond because in Vietnam, turtle symbolizes good luck and fortune.
A Chinese inscription on the portal of the temple.
A Chinese inscription with Vietnamese translation at the temple's entrance.
The main worship area.
The main altar of the temple.
A man praying to his deities.
A Taoist mural.