Singapore Fit Challenge

More and more participants were signing up for
Singapore Fit Challenge.
As an old adage would remind us that "Health is wealth", many of us strive to stay healthy by eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly.
Some would even seek the advice of health professionals or join fitness programs.
I am very fortunate that I happen to work in Singapore and there is an available fitness program in Singapore Fit Challenge.
The objective of the said challenge is to change lifestyle so that one will become healthy.
It espouses the proven way to health which is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. 
Before starting the program, your will fill out a form to give your coach idea as to your health concern, your fitness goals and your food intake habits.

After that, your coach will measure your indicators such as Weight, Height, Percent Fat and Percent Water.

Then, your coach will assess your metrics and goals and give you recommendations for your first steps to attain your targets.

While we were warming up for zumba.
Among the advises I got from my coach are to drink 3 liters of water a day and eat more fish and veggies and less rice.

In the dietary program given to me, I have to drink Herbalife shake for breakfast and dinner. The Herbalife shake for breakfast is followed by drinking tea called Herbal Concentrate. According to my coach, drinking the Herbal Concentrate is equivalent to 20 minutes of jogging.

For lunch, I can eat whatever I want to eat so long as it is in "Mickey Mouse Proportion." The Mickey Mouse metaphor is used to describe the proportion of the food we put in our plate.

At the bottom portion which is the bigger portion we usually put rice. Then the two portions on the upper left and right we usually put veggies or  meat or fish.

Me with my coach Clint.
As recommended by my coach, I have to change the position of rice and veggies in my plate hence increasing the proportion of veggie that I have to eat while reducing the amount of rice  to take.

The fitness club located among the Chinese style buildings in Circular Road offers daily fitness activities from zumba, circuit training, yoga, running and dancing.

The zumba is conducted in a studio located near the club. For running, the route is from UOB Building all the way to Marina Bay Sands then back to UOB Building. Yoga and dancing are conducted in the fitness club itself or if not in a nearby studio.

The circuit training which is the most popular activity in the club is conducted outdoors near the Fullerton Hotel. This is a very intensive physical exercise but you can do it on your own pace.

After our exercise, I observe that I feel happy. According to my coach, this has something to do with the secretion of a happy hormone called endorphins in my brain. So one way to become happy is to exercise and at the same time, it also makes you healthy.

After 3 months of consistent exercise and dietary observance, the result is...