Saigon Zoo

The Saigon Zoo is good for educational tours of children. It houses a significant number of animals some are endemic to Vietnam.

If you visit this place, you can only see the animals grazing in their dens. There are no shows like the one at Jurong Bird Park or Singapore Night Safari.

As you enter the Zoo, you will be greeted by this map.

As you go inwards, you will find these fountains which are amusing. 

Some of the adorable creatures at Saigon Zoo are in the following pictures.

There is also a water passageway that cuts across the zoo. In this picture you can see a traditional Vietnamese boat docked in the riverbank.

A garden pavilion inside the zoo.  

Why I took this picture is that my background is similar to a pavilion in Busan where I also took a similar picture. The only difference is that this is Vietnamese in style.

And so, the Vietnamese word for canteen is Cantin.