Raffaello Sanzio and Juan Luna

Last September 29, 2013, I visited Singapore National Museum and I viewed the exhibit dubbed as "Princely Treasures". The exhibit showcases the art collection of the House of Liechtenstein which includes paintings of world renowned renaissance masters.

One of the paintings which captured my attention was the "Portrait of a Man" by Rafaello Sanzio, because it is very much alive and real.

Rafaello Sanzio's "Portrait of a Man."

Raffaello Sanzio or Raphael as we commonly know him is a world renowned renaissance painter who together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci form the period's trinity of great masters.

Why my attention was captured by Raphael's painting above was that Juan Luna's painting that I have seen in Ayala Museum is not far from such in terms of visual quality.

The facial color of the man in the painting above is almost real (or very much alive) as the painting of Juan Luna below.

Juan Luna's "Lady at the Racetrack."

Could it be that the Philippine Art already attained its renaissance in Juan Luna or does it generally bespeaks of Filipino talent that is at par with the best of this world?