Korea's Past in the Present: Exhibits at Gahoe's Museum

Korea in general is dotted with remnants of its glorious past. One of this remnants is the Hanok Village which you can find in many cities. In the center of Seoul itself is nestled the Bukchon Hanok Village dating back to the Joseon Dynasty.   
This village is a good place to visit if you want to get familiarity with Korean culture and how Koreans ought to live.
Within this village, you can find the Gahoe's Museum which contains exhibits dating back to antiquities; some are evidence of Korea's diplomatic ties with China. Here's what I mean. Korea was never colonized by China but you can find this unusual painting depicting the portrait of a Chinese emperor.
In addition to that, you will realize that Koreans by nature are artistic. This is evident in their ornate crafts such as below.
It is of no wonder why the museum displays bow and arrow. This is because Korea has its own kind of archery.
Moreover, the museum showcases a rich collection of crafts from ancient times. Here are those crafts as captured by my lens.
The museum also exhibits a collection of calligraphic artworks, which for me is enchanting in elegance as it is for the message.
Here are some more exhibits at the museum. 
 Some of the collections of minutiae artifacts from Korean antiquities.
In the grounds of the museum, you can find this strange sculpture. It looks like a deity but it is not. It is just a plain sculpture of a wondering man in robes while holding a vessel.
 This is the view of Bukchon Hanok Village just outside the museum.